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My client turned 18 this July, but in 1998 when he was three years old he was hit by a car. His mother came to see me back in 1999, when believe it or not Legal Aid was available for injury claims. I  saw his mother who agreed to act as his litigation friend (someone who takes legal responsibility for his affairs) as he was under age and instructed me to represent her son to pursue a claim for his injury and financial losses.

In November 2000 I set up my own practise of www.hafezis.com and  brought the file with me. In the accident the child had suffered concussion and was having headaches. He was also complaining of asthma and developed bed wetting.

We obtained his complete medical records and instructed a neurologist and a paediatrician to see him and give an opinion on his symptoms. Shortly after that, we then lost touch with his mother and I have spent the last ten years looking for them.

In the ten years, I wrote to his GP, the general medical council and appointed a tracing agent to find them, but to no avail. However, we did not give up on him and finally at last through a contact of ours we found him and his mother living in Essex.

We met them today and now hope to complete his medical investigation. We aim  get to the bottom of his bed wetting complaint and negotiate a satisfactory settlement for him.

This is an example of our methods and determination to always act in your best interests.  I  can assure you that in a volume or large firm a file would not be kept open for this long and it is highly unlikely that the same fee earner would be still be around to conclude your case for you.

If you are unfortunate to have been involved in an accident or need a litigation lawyer than call us. We can take over an existing claim or start a new claim from scratch. For a free chat call me or Nasim Hafezi.

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