Why Choose A Solicitor?

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Why Choose A Solicitor?

Claims management companies, do it yourself claims, small claims court, legal expense insurers. These are all ways in which you can obtain some kind of results if you choose not to instruct a solicitor. So what are the benefits? Solicitors can be seen as costly and complicated, dragging matters out so that they can charge more at the end of the case…. We at Hafezis think that you should take another look at why choosing a solicitor will produce the best results for you, whether your are making a claim for personal injury, property damage or are involved in a commercial dispute.

Skilled Negotiators

One of the key skills that every solicitor has is negotiation skills. We are not afraid to negotiate hard in order to produce results and working with defendant solicitors and insurers every day we understand how to represent you in the best possible manner. The defendant’s representatives will rarely offer you the best possible value for your claim – we have recently represented a claimant who was offered £1,000.00 for their claim but with us on board came away with a settlement of £20,000.00. We think that these kind of results speak for themselves.

Access to Information

Whilst it is possible to mount your own case, it is often a good idea to instruct a solicitor because they will have a wealth of knowledge and experience at their disposal. We will understand your needs and will also understand how to present your case in the best possible light. We also have insider knowledge on valuing your claim correctly, case law and civil procedure rules.

Regulated by the Law Society

Solicitors are subject to strict rules and regulations laid down by the Law Society. A well as this we are professionals and adhere to a strict code of ethics. If you are not happy with the way a solicitor has handled your case then you can be safe in the knowledge that you have the right to complain to a number of professional bodies – with this in mind we will always deal with your case to the best of our abilities.

We Care About Your Case

Claims management companies are often compared to factories where the aim is to get as many claims as possible through the production line. When you choose a solicitor you can rest assured that they have a genuine interest in your case and in you. We understand that many of our claimant’s are not just motivated by money and have a genuine desire to get better, the end result of a case is often an award of damages and a greater understanding of how to rehabilitate from your injury. We care about each of our clients and can spend the time getting to know you and your case so that we can produce the best results.

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