Why and what is limitation

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Injury claim must be brought with in three years

In civil and criminal law time limits are set during which civil or criminal wrong must be brought before the courts.

In criminal law there are no time limits except in minor road traffic offences. That’s why police files are kept open on criminal investigations indefinitely. These are the reasons we are now seeing child abusers been brought before the courts years after they had committed those offences.

In civil law there are time limits. In personal injury law one must bring the matter before the court with in three years of the incident or your knowledge of the breach. If you miss the dead line your opponent has a legal defence of limitation.

In contractual disputes the limitation is 6 years. Therefore claim against solicitors, accountants and for property damage can be brought with in six years of the breach or knowledge of the breach.

If you have an enquiry about limitation, be it for personal injury or in contract, do call me. Be happy to see you or talk it through with you without obligation. We have an enviable record of representing those close to limitation

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