We are not just personal injury lawyers….

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As an expert London law firm, we deal with a large number of personal injury claims for road traffic accidents, accidents at work, trips and slips and so on. You could be forgiven for thinking that we only deal with personal injury claims. But there are many other types of dispute that we help clients with. Here are a couple of examples of recent cases that we have settled which you may not even know you can claim for:

Tree Root Damage

Mr M was initially a client of another law firm. Unfortunately, they failed to handle his case correctly and as a result, we took over the file. Mr M was suffering with damage to his land, due to the roots of a tree which was owned by his local council. When we took over the case, we wrote to his council who referred us to their firm of solicitors. They dug their heels in and refused to deal with Mr M’s loss and damage.

We agreed to act for Mr M on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis, so that he didn’t have to pay anything upfront to get legal representation. We knew that it would be a difficult case, but we knew that by going the extra mile for our client, we could get a positive result for him. In order to protect Mr M we obtained a legal expense insurance policy on his behalf and we put together a team of experts, including specialists in relation to the tree, soil and damage caused to his property. We also hired a barrister for Mr M, all on a No Win No Fee basis.

Despite the extremely compelling evidence put before them, the council still refused to back down. We were prepared for a fight though, to see justice for our client, so we took the matter to court.

As a result of our determination and tenacity, we went on to win the case. Mr M was delighted to receive a settlement of £60,000. Our costs can be recovered from the other side, so Mr M didn’t pay us a penny from his settlement.

This is just an example of how we go the extra mile for our clients, for many types of dispute.

Solicitors Negligence

We also settled a case for the same client against his previous lawyers.

Mr M had been badly advised by the law firm regarding a party wall dispute. He was left with a claim against him for costs in excess of £80,000!

We had the costs assessed by a Cost Judge in the Senior Cost Office. We then advised Mr M to pursue a claim against his former lawyers. We painstakingly went over the original file and took a detailed statement from Mr M. We arranged for a barrister on a No Win No Fee basis and in order to protect Mr M financially, we obtained legal expense insurance cover. By doing this, he would have the best chance of success, without having to worry about the cost!

We presented the claim to the law firm, who passed it on to their insurance company. We won the case, settling for £100,000 without the need to go to court.

Another great result for Mr M, who can now see why not all law firms are the same!

We are experts in dealing with all kinds of dispute, not just road traffic accidents, but anything from contract disputes to negligence claims.

If you want to find out more about the types of dispute we can help you with, call us today on 0207 377 0600 and speak to our resident experts Leeanne Druse and Abdul Hafezi