Personal Injury Claim TypesA personal injury claim can be made for a wide range of accidents.

The most common types of claim are road traffic accidents, accidents at work and slipping or tripping accidents. But some areas are more specialised than others.

For example, making a personal injury claim for a bicycle accident might still fall under a road traffic accident, but there are often different things to consider when handling a claim.

There are also a lot of different types of personal injury claim that are not heard of so often. It is not unusual to hear in the news when someone is attacked by a dog, but if as a result you suffer a dog bite injury, you are entitled to claim for your pain and suffering, as well as any out-of-pocket expenses that you may have incurred.

Find out about the different types of personal injury claim that you could make below…

Road Traffic Accidents

Learn more about all types of road traffic accident, whether you were a driver, passenger or pedestrian involved in a collision with a vehicle.
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Accidents at Work

Find out how we can help you get back on your feet if you were involved in an accident at work and are considering making a personal injury claim against your employer.
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Slipping & Tripping Accidents

Discover more about making a personal injury claim as a result of a trip or a slip in a public place, such as on a pavement, in a supermarket or when crossing the road.
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Bicycle Accidents

If you suffered an accident whilst riding on your bicycle, learn more about claiming for your injuries and out-of-pocket expenses from the person responsible.
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Uninsured Drivers

If you were involved in a road traffic accident with an uninsured driver, find out how you can still make a personal injury claim and recover your associated costs.
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Clinical Negligence

Learn more about how to make a claim following clinical or medical negligence by a doctor or physician, whether it be due to a delayed diagnosis or a mistake in treatment.
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Dog Bites

If you were bitten by a dog belonging to someone else, in a public place, then you may be able to make a personal injury claim. Discover how LawClaim can help.
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Motorcycle Accidents

If you were injured as a result of a motorcycle accident, learn how LawClaim's expertise could make the difference when it comes to dealing with the consequences.
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Criminal Injuries

Find out more about how to make a personal injury claim when you were a victim of a violent crime. Discover how you can still be compensated for your pain and suffering.
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Work Related Illness

If you have suffered illness or disease from your workplace, you may be able to claim. Learn more about claims for hearing loss, mesothelioma and more.
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For Any Other Claim Types

If you want to make a personal injury claim for another type of claim, we may still be able to help. We have experience in dealing with a number of claims that are less common. For example, you may have suffered hair damage due to poor treatment by a stylist, you may have been injured by a defective product or a loved one may have passed away in a serious accident.

For any of these situations, or those that have not already mentioned, click here to contact us.