The most Sophisticated Electorate in action today

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The US at long last is electing its next President. We the outsiders are always in awe at the amount exposure this election has around the world and the money the candidates spend.

They, the Americans are allegedly the most, demanding and sophisticated electorates in the democartic jurisdictions. Lets hope they see, what we, on the out side see, that the best person to provide for their security, health and welfare is Hussain Barak Obama.

Some of us from the outside wonder, why,
1) when the Americans were puzzled after 9/11 on the rest of the world’s view of their country, question another term for man who has altered the world’s view of their great country,
2) Saved their domestic motor industry
3) Introduced health care against all odds and not achived by any other Pres in the past, to provide cover for nearly 45 millions, who can not get private health cover,
4) Found and khilled a man responsible for carring out the biggest attack on their home soil, when Pres Bush could not even find him.

ITS A NO BRAINER. Prove to the rest of us on the outside that you really are the most knowledgable electorate in the world.

For safe, secure and admired US, lets hope, Americans turn out in numbers an re-elect OBAMA, OBAMA..

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