The Imperfect Union….

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The Imperfect Union

So after all as I predicted sometime back, the President comfortably won the election. Much has been said on the internet and TV channels about way back for the Republican Party. I was astonished to hear a leading Republican on News Night last night. claim that this was still relatively successful results for them,for they had only 1% less votes than the President and had retained the majority in the Congress.

If that is their view and they are not going to change, then like the Conservative Party in the UK, the Republican may turn the heartland red, but the vast majority of the populations are on the Eastern and Western front. They, whether the Republican like it or not, as in the Metropolis in the UK, are multicultural.

In the UK all the Metropolis are populated from immigrants from South Asia, Caribbean and former colonies and the heartland by Anglo Saxtons. Despite the fact that many of them naturally have beliefs held by the Conservative Party, they are supporters of the progressive parties such as the Liberal Democrats and Labour as are the new arrivals in the US of the Democrats.

The Conservative Party in the UK have gone someway since the arrival of David Cameron in appealing to the minorities, but their main support comes from the home counties as it is in the States for the Republicans from the the interior.

The lesson to learn for the Republican and the Conservatives in the UK is that the world has moved on. As Pres Obama said in one of the debates we are in the 21st century and not the 50’s. I suspect many common law countries like the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are multicultural with immigrants from all parts of the world and, particularly, from places other than of European heritage. The only way the Parties of the Right are going to get in mass numbers following from these communities is for them to change. Become inclusive and change your policies on immigration, welfare, healthcare and minorty rights

If the guest Republican’s view on News Night is commonly held by the Republicans in the States, then I predict it will be another 4 decades before a Republican holds an office in the White House and the nation may remain an imperfect Union…

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