Swift settlement for satisfied Client

In Recent Cases by AAH

This lady came to us back in May 2012 when she was involved in a road traffic accident while riding her bicycle with her husband when a car appeared from a side road and failed to give way, causing our client to collide with the vehicle as she had not time to stop, hitting her head off the car. This was a very scary experience for our client and one which we believe could have easily been avoided. Thankfully she did not suffer any broken bones, however she did suffer pain and bruising all over her body including her face.

We met with this lady and explained how we would conduct her case along with advising her on the prospects of success and the heads of damages (i.e. losses) she could claim for.

Despite long delays from the Defendant insurers we settled this lady’s case for personal injuries and financial losses such as damage to her bike and so forth in August 2012.

All in all this was a swift settlement and Ms Panderova was extremely pleased with the service she received from Hafezis commenting as follows:

“I have received a prompt service at a difficult time for me. I was able to recover more quickly while I had your competent professional support.”

Ms Panderova is now considering instructing us on a separate matter and we are more than willing to assist her in this.