Stuart Hall And Sentencing

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Sentencing is an imposition of a penalty  for crime or civil wrong committed. In  civil court a sentence are often financial penalty known as damages. In criminal courts there are number of alternatives. A prison sentence is one, but is always a last resort

In Hall’s case there are 16 counts for all of whom he has pleaded guilty. He was penalised for each count by a period several months. The longest is 16 months. They are to run concurrently = All at the same time. If it was consecutively it would be one after another.

I predict the Appealate court will use it’s discretion to increase the period for each count and may impose him to serve 2 or 3 of them consecutively

Aim of imposing a penalty is to deter the criminal and most importantly others. The court will not take into account public out cry, but what’s in the best interests of justice. The public outcry led the Attorney General to intervene