Claim for a Road Traffic Accident in Central London

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Solicitors in Central London - ClerkenwellA young lady, a graduate of London Metropolitan University, was crossing Clerkenwell Road near East Junction with Leather Lane in Central London when she was hit by a car travelling from her right.  It was a frightening experience for her.  Despite what you hear about Londoners, passers by came to her aid.  The third party, Mr DHR, also stopped at the scene of the accident.  An ambulance was called and she was ultimately taken to University College Hospital.

She found us through the internet and instructed us directly.  The claim was presented to the defendant’s insurers on what is now called a portal system (desk top).  The insurers accepted liability on a without prejudice basis, leaving us to obtain a report from an A & E Specialist.  The Specialist opined that the young lady had suffered soft tissue injury to her foot and ankle, and she was fortunate that she had not sustained any fractures.  He recommended 8 sessions of physiotherapy treatment and further MRI scans.

Prior to getting the scans the insurers offered a sum of £7,500.00, which she has now accepted.

Unlike the Motor Vehicle claim involving a minor which was also in Clerkenwell, the instructions were received by us in July 2012, and within a year the matter was settled to her satisfaction.  As solicitors for the claimant we were also able to recover costs for medication, damaged clothing, care provided by her mother and the cost of 10 sessions of physiotherapy treatment.

One of the advantages of going to a solicitor direct and immediately after the accident is that if you do require medical treatment and liability is admitted by the third party or their insurers, they will often fund private treatment.

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