SB – v- Road traffic Act Insurer

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SB – v- Road traffic Act Insurer

Manchester County Court


Mr S.B was sent to us as he was a passenger in a car and his then solicitors were also acting for his driver.  This was considered to be a conflict of interest and hence our involvement.

Upon receiving his file from his former solicitors, we:


  1. Reviewed his files and saw him in person.
  2. Agreed to accept for him on a no-win-no-fee basis.
  3. Carried out further investigation with him and his witnesses and driver.
  4. Retained the barrister on a no-win-no-fee basis for him and arranged a meeting with him.
  5. Dealt with all procedural matters on his behalf against his opponent solicitors and prepared the case for trial.
  6. Purchased an insurance policy for him in case he lost the case and had to pay his other sides costs.
  7. Arranged further meeting with his barrister 2 weeks before the trial, to explain evidence against him and his role before the trial judge.
  8. To our client’s surprise, the insurer’s solicitors settled his claim for £1,750.00 and his legal costs before going into a court room

It took him over 18 months to reach the door of the Court.  We believed in his case and met his expectations.

1st November 2010

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