Rear end collision whose fault is it?

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Mr. Bamdad (B) had been represented by me before. Nonethless, like many of our clients his personal details were sold by a claim farmer to a factory law firm up north.

He retained them on a no win no fee basis. He wasn’t happy as they were advising him to accept some blame on his part. He contacted us to take it over from them from sheer frustration as they wanted him settle.

We took over the file, which is straight forward as most lawyers will agree to transfer the file to another on an undertaking regards their fees.

He was stationary at traffic light when he was rear end by a Mercedes driver who than pushed him

We obtained witness statement from an independent witness and disclosed it to the insurers. They maintained their position. We could not persuade insurers that this was a genuine claim, where their insured driver had admitted his fault at the scene.

In the end Mr. B was advised to start legal action in court by issuing summons. As always once proceedings were in court, the insurer made a sensible offer, which he accepted with both our’s and former solicitors costs.

Moral of the story. Find your own local solicitor. It matters not who you appoint, we all work on no win no fee.

If you have a claim or your claim is handled miles away call me on 07812151658. I will see you without obligation.

Abdul Hafezi