R.C – v – Road traffic act Insurer and other

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Case summary

R.C – v – Road traffic act Insurer and other

Manchester County Court

Mr R.C was abandoned by his solicitors.  He was referred to them by a claims management company, to whom he had gone following the accident.  He was attracted by the idea of a Courtesy Car and what on paper appear to be no costs to him at all.

At the beginning our predecessors obtained some concession from the insurers, but, when the directors of the claims management company were arrested our client was abandoned by the law firm.

When the client came to us we did the following:


  1. Reviewed his file in his presence.
  2. Agreed to accept his instructions on a no-win-no-fee basis.
  3. Went on record as acting for him in the Court of law.
  4. Purchased a legal expense insurance policy for him in the case he lost the case and was ordered to pay his costs.
  5. Hired a barrister on a no-win-no-fee basis for him.
  6. Carried our further investigations, obtained his own statement and statements of others.
  7. Liase with the hirer.
  8. Presented him against the insurance solicitors prepared and presented his case before Manchester County Court.

The insurance solicitors were confident that they would escape any responsibility as they had alleged that Mr R.C had staged the accident and was not injured.

Our Confidence in Mr R.C’s claim was confirmed by the Trial Judge who found our client was involved in an accident, that it was caused as a result of the 3rd party’s negligence and that he has suffered a loss, which he claimed.  He was awarded damages of £2,175.00 and recovery of his hiring costs and legal costs.

This was a genuine case as was adjudicated by the Trial Judge, but as it was initially presented through a claims management company, ammunition were supplied to the defendant insurers, which led to the matter being tried before a Court of Law. 

The moral of the story is that if you have been involved in a genuine accident and have suffered property or personal injury, then you should always go direct to a lawyer.

Had Mr R.C gone direct to a lawyer his claim would have settled a long time ago and he would not have had to go through presenting his case in a Court and all the stress and time involved in that.



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