Pedestrian crossing a Zebra Crossing is awarded £7900.00 following Road Traffic Accident

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Mr D was referred to us in March 2010 by a local GP who regularly refers patients to us when they have been in an accident and are entitled to personal injury compensation for the injuries and losses they have suffered as a result.

Mr D was a pedestrian crossing on a zebra crossing after looking both left and right with no immediate oncoming traffic. When Mr D was about 4-5 steps in to the zebra crossing a car did approach from his left which stopped as required to allow Mr D to continue to cross. However around the same time, out of the blue from the right hand side came a car which collided with his body, knocking him unconscious immediately.

Despite the fact that vehicles are required to stop at a zebra crossing when a pedestrian has moved on to the crossing, liability was initially disputed suggesting that Mr D stepped out in front of the Defendant vehicle. After presenting our client’s argument to the other side once again on receipt of the police report and further negotiation liability was eventually admitted in May 2011.

As a result of the accident Mr D suffered injuries to his neck, back, right leg, right knee and right calf, head, concussion and were extremely intrusive to his daily life. To assist with his recovery we arranged some physiotherapy when Mr D felt up to it, paid for by the Defendant’s insurers. Mr D also suffered psychological injuries which were addressed by a Psychiatrist and we subsequently arranged some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to address his adjustment disorder which was also funded by the Defendant’s insurance company.

Mr D also suffered financial losses including damage to his clothing, damaged mobile telephone, medication, care and assistance received from family and friends, telephone and postage expenses. We secured agreement from the Defendant insurers on all of these claims, in addition to his injury award.

In total Mr D received £7900.00 which was eventually agreed in April 2012 following an initial offer of £4200.00. Mr D was extremely happy with his final settlement and commented on our Feedback form that our service to him throughout his claim “was 100% good” and that he “was very satisfied with the service from Hafezis” and most importantly that he was “very happy with his settlement”.

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