L.A – v – Insurers and MIB

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L.A – v – Insurers and MIB

L.A (our client) had known the firm for sometime, but in fact was referred by his Before the Event Insurers (BEI) to a firm of solicitors in the North.  For over a year and a half, his panel solicitors were acting for him and were recommending that he should accept an offer that this was a claim to be presented to the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).  They told him that he should accept their offer that the claim should be settled on the basis that the person who hit him is not traceable (hit and run claim)

They had also recommended that he should accept the claim on apportioning liability 50/50, between himself and the alleged untraced driver.

L.A was not happy, as he had met the driver of the car who had given him his name, address and registration number.  He was not prepared to accept the proposition that the driver can not be traced and that he was 50% liable for the cause of the accident.

L.A transferred his file to us a year ago.  It has taken us some time to carry out the necessary enquiries and to persuade the MIB and more importantly the insurer who had insured the car of the 3rd party that this was a claim which should be settled by the insurer as “insurer concerned” and that they should accept this on a full liability basis. L.A accepted their offer of £3,500.00 plus his hiring charges on a full liability basis.


This is another example of leaving when we say, “no stone unturned”.


November 2010

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