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It’s Not What You Say But What You Do That Counts

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I set up my practice in November 2000, and brought enquiry of a young boy named A with me. This file has therefore been in my firm since November 2000.

As the injured minor was under age I was retained by his mother who is called a Litigation Friend for the purpose of litigation in civil courts in England and Wales.

As a result of the accident the minor was wetting his bed every day. His mother had to replace his bed sheets every day, his clothing on a regular basis and his mattress. He was also psychologically affected.

We obtained the police accident report, his complete medical records from his GP and the hospital, and instructed a Psychiatrist and a paediatrician. We obtained reports from the medical experts and then we lost contact with the mother. We spent some 8 years trying to locate our client through various means and finally managed to locate him at the end of 2013.

By now he had reached the age of 18. As a minor you cannot enter into a legally binding contract with anyone, thus the use of mother as litigation friend. We entered into fresh agreement with him as an adult and finally in the first week of the New Year we settled his claim for £8,000.00.

This case is an example of our philosophy of always acting in the best interest of the client. As A was a minor we were aware that he could pursue his claim well beyond the initial 3 year limitation period. That at some stage we will be able to locate him through our contacts and connections. I can guarantee that 99% of other law firms would have closed claim and archived the file a long time ago. We maintained contact with the insurers and reminded them that the limitation period has not expired and that they should not deem the file to be closed.

Despite the banning of commission (referral fee) paid by lawyers, we are aware that claims are still generated by claims management companies (claim farmers) and sold in an imaginative way to law firms. Therefore, there are still many law firms acting for injured London claimants miles away from their homes. It has always been our philosophy that you should instruct a local firm. One of the reasons why we are based almost on the border of the City is easy access to our office from any part of Greater London.

If you are injured or were injured and have a claim handled by a firm miles away, we would suggest that you instruct a local firm who will look after your personal interest and will always act in your best interest.

If you have any queries in relation to an injury claim or any other type of contractual dispute, please do not hesitate to contact either Nasim or Abdul Hafezi on 0207 790 7311.