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Attending a London County Court last week, it was interesting to hear DJ’s observation of the treatment afforded to some Claimants by their Legal Representative.

One of our clients had an accident in London; he engaged a Local CMC who referred him to Solicitors in the Greater Manchester area.

Having acted for him for months, the Client was abandoned on the day of the Trial. A young man left to represent himself in Court on a matter involving complex arguments. This Firm never provided a face to face meeting, on the telephone the Client’s concerns were never properly listened to, no trial bundle prepared, witness statement was lacking, and independent witness whose details was provide by the Client were overlooked. Worse still, in their last minute application to come off the record, the Solicitors acting for the Client attached a signed witness statement containing a statement of truth making allegations that our client was rude, aggressive and racist which they retracted and apologised for in open court.

DJ adjourned the Trial hearing ordering cost to be paid by the Claimant, our client.

At the Shaw Cause hearing, former solicitors was ordered to pay cost of adjourned trial for the Defendant and of Hafezis’ preparing for and attending the show cause hearing.

The DJ noted how the case was handled by the Solicitors and commented –
· It appears that large volume of cases are being handled by Solicitors based in the North of England
· Clients are often hundreds of miles apart from their Solicitors; and
· Solicitors hardly ever meet their clients face to face
· Statements are prepared over the phone and signed on behalf of clients which are often misstatement and occasionally in complete contrast to what client actually said

He noted the lack of independent judgement exercised by these firms, a professional duty they owe to their clients, and their overreliance on advice from Barristers and compared this solicitors acting like post box. This, he said, was not in keeping with the proper role of a solicitor which is to articulate the concerns and issues of their individual clients using professional skills, knowledge and expertise. In the instant matter he felt this was wholly absent. He further observed that in PI cases it is particularly important that clients have opportunity to discuss their case in person with Solicitors and Counsel.

At Hafezis we provide high quality professional services tailored to individual needs, just the way, litigation should be conducted.

If you have a case handled miles away from your home and you want a Lonodon solicitor , please contact Abdul Hafezi or Leeanne Driuse on 0207 377 0600. We be happy to see you or talk it over the phone.
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