Employer’s liability dispute finally resolved in client’s favour

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Mr S came to us back in May 2009 when he was working as a concierge in a local hotel for the previous three years. Over this time he was the sole concierge and was required to bring luggage from the street up the steps in to the reception area and thereafter to the appropriate room, which could often be in the basement all by hand.

Mr S was not only carrying out his duties without any equipment (e.g. trolley or lift) but also was never given any in-house or external training on how to lift the luggage in a safe manner as to avoid any over-use type injuries which can occur over time.

As a result Mr S developed a hernia in his right groin area, which was eventually confirmed by an expert to be as direct result of the continuous lifting in his role as a concierge.

However until recently when we successfully settled this case, the Defendants persisted to argue for three years that they were not liable and rather such an injury was in fact related to his previous job in the army.

With continuous faith in the prospects of our client’s case we persisted to negotiate and dispute any suggestions that the Defendants was not liable, despite any other injuries our client may have suffered in the past from other roles.

We are delighted to now confirm that our client recently received £6,000.00 plus his legal fees for his injuries caused as a result of his employer’s negligence in failing in their duty to protect our client from any foreseeable risk of injury/harm. Mr S will of course receive 100% of his damages as we limit our costs to what we recover from the Defendant.

£6,000.00 was eventually agreed following perseverance by us following an initial offer from the Defendant’s of £3,000.00.

If you have been injured at work either as a result of a one off incident or indeed over a period of time please do not hesitate to contact Leeanne Druse of this office on 0207 377 0877 who will happily discuss the prospects of your case. Please be reminded that we act for all personal injury claims on a No-Win-No-Fee basis.

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