Employers ignore Employee’s cry for help at their peril

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Hafezis Comments :–

This case illustrates clearly what is required at law from an employee to succeed. The employer had ignored the employee’s cry for help and recommendation from outside consultants to ease her workload. Stress at work should and could be avoided-unlike most physical injury it can sometimes leave a permanent legacy for the employee.

This case also illustrates the benefit of kite marks such as ISO 9001.


A 47-year-old woman received £76,843 for psychiatric injuries suffered during her employment between September and October 2009 although she had a pre-existing vulnerability to mood disorders.

The claimant was employed as a pivotal administrator, but her workload suddenly peaked. Being put in charge of the redundancy scheme proved to be an emotional strain and she was often seen crying at work as a result of pressure beyond that of her job normally.

After the redundancies had been made, an independent consultant came into the workplace in order to identify each employee’s role. It was found that the claimant was fulfilling 7 roles instead of 1, and it was recommended that she received support to reduce her workload to a normal manageable level. The company she worked for refused to do so.

As such, the woman bought action against her employers- alleging that they were well aware that she was struggling with her workload, but made no effort to reduce it, which could have prevented the foreseeable psychiatric injury occurring.

Liability was admitted by the employer.

Out of court settlement: £76,843 total damages

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