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Drink Drive and loose your no claim bonus

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Drink driving
The Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales and is essential reading for everyone.
Rule 95

Do not drink and drive as it will seriously affect your judgement and abilities. You MUST NOT drive with a breath alcohol level higher than 35 microgrammes/100 millilitres of breath or a blood alcohol level of more than 80 milligrammes/100 millilitres of blood.

Alcohol will

give a false sense of confidence
reduce co-ordination and slow down reactions
affect judgement of speed, distance and risk
reduce your driving ability, even if you’re below the legal limit
take time to leave your body; you may be unfit to drive in the evening after drinking at lunchtime, or in the morning after drinking the previous evening
The best solution is not to drink at all when planning to drive because any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive safely. If you are going to drink, arrange another means of transport.

Hafezis Comments;

Driving a motor vehicle in excess of the above limit is not only a breach of the Highway code, but commission of a criminal offence. If you are stopped by the police following an accident, you will also be faced with a possible claim for personal injury against you if persons are injured. Whilst you can pass on the claim to your motor insurer they will have difficulty defending you.

If they settle this claim , you will in all likely hood  loose your no claim bonus. Thus driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs is dangerous not only for you but other lawful user of the highways.


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