Claimants Beware!

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We have had nearly a 100 inquiries recently from Claimants who had contacted a well known claims management company. It is now alleged that this claims management company had created some 1,400 false personal injury claims which they have sold to unsuspecting solicitors.

Many of these claims may be genuine and yet the Claimants have been abandoned by their solicitors on the fear on the part of the solicitors that they may be implicated in this scam.

We are now instructed by a number of these Claimants who are now faced with the onerous task of showing to the Courts that their claims are genuine.

Our inquiries of these Claimants indicate that members of the public are attracted by the quick solution afforded by claims management companies and particularly the free car. Whilst on the face of it it looks hassle free and free of costs to you it never is.

Many of these Claimants are now facing a claim for hiring a car. They had signed a hiring agreement with the hirer. As the hirer no longer has a firm of solicitors recovering these for them they are now looking to these Claimants for the cost of hire.

These scenarios are classic examples of what can and will go wrong when using intermediaries. They neither have the Claimant or hirers interests in mind and are driven by greed to make as much money from what is usually a stressful event for the Claimant.

The moral of the story is there is nothing free in this world and that if you are injured the best professional to consult is your local solicitor.

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