Charities and Charity Commissions

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Whilst we are civil dispute resolution lawyers (litigators), because of my background of having registered a charity of my own almost two decades ago and the very nature of my training, I am able to handle other non contentious matters. One such example is instructions we received sometime two weeks back from a community service based organisation in Bolton who wanted to register their organisation at the Charity Commission, taking benefits of all that is available to a registered charity.

We are delighted to announce that the M.A.Mission Learning Centre in Bolton is now a registered charity. We dealt with drafting of their memorandum and articles of associations and all matters arising from that with the Charity Commission to register the charity with them. We also advised them generally on how to operate an open, transparent and charitable organisation.

In the last fifteen years governments of all shapes have improved methods of giving to charities and a variety of tax exemptions.

As a charity there are benefits on income tax, value added tax and donation given to it as gift aid. Anyone donating to a charity can obtain tax refunds on their contribution and more importantly the charity is able to claim back tax at the lower or higher rate, depending upon the tax status of the donor.

We encourage religious and community based institutions to register as a Charity. If you have any queries as regards benefits of registering and how to go about doing so please contact Abdul Hafezi on 0800 3899 136.

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