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Ambulance Chaser with a Heart

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Yet another end of a working month with only 28 days, February is also a time to rejoice. This month always brings optimism with spring around the corner. It has also been a good month for us as we have settled a number of long outstanding claims. A personal injury solicitor is often asked if we simply chase ambulances and …

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Swift settlement for satisfied Client

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This lady came to us back in May 2012 when she was involved in a road traffic accident while riding her bicycle with her husband when a car appeared from a side road and failed to give way, causing our client to collide with the vehicle as she had not time to stop, hitting her head off the car. This …

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Be careful how you appoint a service provider

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NATALIE LISA HARRISON v JAGGED GLOBE (ALPINE) LTD (2012) ~   CA (Civ Div) (Laws LJ, Pitchford LJ, Lloyd Jones J) 29/05/2012 An interesting case setting out the differences in responsibilty to an injured third party where an an independant contractor and an employee are involved. The court of Appeal quite rightly in my view over turned the decision of the Trial judge …