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It’s Not What You Say But What You Do That Counts

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I set up my practice in November 2000, and brought enquiry of a young boy named A with me. This file has therefore been in my firm since November 2000. As the injured minor was under age I was retained by his mother who is called a Litigation Friend for the purpose of litigation in civil courts in England and …

The Worst Day and Worst Week of The Year Has Finished

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With the prominence of personal injury claim, many members of the public often thinks that firms like mine only deals with personal injury litigation.  That is not the case. I was trained in a general practice and specialised at an insurance practice, Vizards.  In both these places I have handled all types of litigation including claims for property damage, professional negligence against doctors, hospitals, accountants …

Claim for a Road Traffic Accident in Central London

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A young lady, a graduate of London Metropolitan University, was crossing Clerkenwell Road near East Junction with Leather Lane in Central London when she was hit by a car travelling from her right.  It was a frightening experience for her.  Despite what you hear about Londoners, passers by came to her aid.  The third party, Mr DHR, also stopped at …

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Motor Vehicle Claim in Central London for a Minor

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This case is an example of perseverance and persistence.  The claimant a minor at the time was 9 years old (2001) and she was travelling as a back seat passenger when a car driven by the defendant, sped past, overtook, lost control and collided with her parked vehicle.  The file was taken over from another firm in Central London on …