Enforcing Court Judgement

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Enforcing Judgement: I have occasionally represented householders subject to possession proceedings by lenders. In those circumstances I always feel for the borrower but I confess I do not have such concerns or sympathy towards judgement debtors who fail to meet their legal obligations to pay the debt and force creditors to resort to litigation. Once #judgements is obtained there are …

10 things the POLICE does after your ARREST

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10 things the POLICE does after your ARREST When you’re arrested and sat in a police cell you could be there for several hours even overnight. My names Nasir Hafezi and I am a Solicitor. Here’s 10 things the police could be doing after your arrest. Support CLE by becoming a Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/communitylegaleducation Please Share. Please SUBSCRIBE. Thank you.

Assault and Battery claim against police force

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“Land of Brave & Free”: Police forces in common law countries such England & US have a duty to investigate and even arrest you if an officer believes you are committing or in the course of committing a crime. He has to have reasonable & probable cause to do so. If a police fail to show reasonable & probable cause …

Tiredness Can Kill

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Fitness to drive The Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales and is essential reading for everyone. Rule 91 Driving when you are tired greatly increases your risk of collision. To minimise this risk, make sure you are fit to drive. Do not begin a journey if you are tired. Get a good night’s sleep before embarking on a …

Why and what is limitation

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In civil and criminal law time limits are set during which civil or criminal wrong must be brought before the courts. In criminal law there are no time limits except in minor road traffic offences. That’s why police files are kept open on criminal investigations indefinitely. These are the reasons we are now seeing child abusers been brought before the …