Another Claimant let down by a Claims Management Company but Hafezis save the day and Claimant receives £3550.00

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Mr K came to us when his solicitors based in Manchester advised him that they could no longer act for him as the Claims Management Company who referred him to them were under investigation for Fraud and it would be inappropriate for them to assist him in the advancement of his claim. Mr K did not know who to turn to.

Mr K looked us up online in September 2011, called us and we requested the papers from his previous solicitors and arranged a meeting with him immediately as Limitation (3 years after the accident date you must have finalised your claim or issued court proceedings, after which time if either of those have not happened you will be statute barred from making your claim) was approaching in early 2012.

Mr K was driving round a roundabout, intending to go straight through the roundabout, with a car in front and a car behind. Half way round the car in front changed his mind on the exit he wished to take, causing Mr K to break suddenly and fortunately avoid colliding with the vehicle in front, however the vehicle behind collided with the rear of the Claimant’s vehicle. The Defendant admitted liability at the scene and details were exchanged. A passer by referred Mr K to a local garage to get his car back on the road, which was in fact also a Claims Management Company who agreed to deal with his claim and who were subsequently investigated.

Mr K suffered aggravated neck pain, headaches, nightmares and flashbacks. After much negotiation a final settlement figure for his injuries were finally agreed at £3550.00 in April 2012, just before the Limitation date.

The lesson to be learned from this is that you should always come directly to a lawyer if you have been involved in any kind of accident and have suffered personal injury and / or financial loss.

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