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Yet another end of a working month with only 28 days, February is also a time to rejoice. This month always brings optimism with spring around the corner. It has also been a good month for us as we have settled a number of long outstanding claims. A personal injury solicitor is often asked if we simply chase ambulances and provide no benefit to society. The response is that we provide a service to fight for victims of wrong doing, diligently and with a passion that often brings a wry smile.

Personal Injury Solicitors in EdmontonThe best example I can give for this month is a client of ours in Edmonton who has had great difficulty with her landlords. She was injured whilst living in the tenanted premises. The landlord, a housing association in Edmonton, disputed the claim leaving her with no alternative but to issue proceedings. As always, we protect our clients by obtaining legal expense cover if they have none, have counsel on board and obtain independent medical opinion to substantiate their claim for personal injury and financial losses.

Insurers often complain of solicitors running cases for the sake of them. However, this is a classic example of a case which could and should have been settled, but was not until proceedings were issued and substantial costs were incurred.

We were delighted when the client came in this week and collected her damages cheque for £10,000.00. For someone of this background, it is a substantial sum and it will make a huge difference to her quality of life. Our satisfaction for acting as an ambulance chaser comes from experiences such as these on a monthly basis.


If you are a victim of wrong doing living in Edmonton, London or surrounding areas and have suffered loss and damage, albeit property, injury or any other loss, you have a right to pursue a claim in law and should not be embarrassed or afraid to do so. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0207 377 0600 or via our free phone number 0800 389 9136.

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