All injury claims going Portal

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Fixed fees on portal claims

All injury claims going Portal:

Time they are changing. As from 1st August 2013 claims for injury at work and in any public places for less than £25,000 will be processed through a Portal. There is a protocol for in putting your details into the portal and time frame for insurers to deal with it.

Your claim is settled by the insurers when they  the blame with in the given time frame and make you an offer which you accept.  If your claim is settled with in the Portal time frame your legal fees are fixed and paid to your lawyer in two stages.

This means that all injury claim for accidents occuring after 1st of August 2013  will  be dealt under te Portal schemebu lawyers and insurers.

If your claim is not settled by the insurer under the portal time-table and settled before or after start of legal proceedings your lawyer will recover time spent on the file on term reasonable basis.

For more information on how we can help you if you are injured at work or in public places, Contact Us. Remember there is no advantage of going to your Union lawyers. Until recently they we paying your union for supplying your details of the accident.Be in control, choose your own.

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