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An eventful and exciting week at the Hafezis has come to a satisfying end. Instead of celebrating, end of another week means our sorrow grow

• This week we have finally secured a local premises for our relocation forced upon by our Landlord. 13 years of attachment at the grand London Fruit Exchange will come to an end at the end of this month

• On Monday had a meeting with a high profile potential client who is considering instruct us on perhaps one of the most complex Employment Claim active at the moment

• On Tuesday, I met a client who is abandoned by a leading Union law firm with national presence. We are in the process of acquiring his file and I can’t wait to see whether we can put a claim.
Tuesday, I prepared my first ever skeleton (outside Immigration Law & Bar School) setting out our submissions as to why we believe that the former solicitors should personally bear the cost of an adjourned hearing.

• Wednesday, CMC & Show Cause hearing. Allegations were made against conduct of our client which he always denied. A partner and the Lawyer dealing with his case from his former Solicitors personally attended and apologised to Client and the Court and withdrew the allegations. But gratifying it was for reasons we always knew – a firm dealing with thousands of cases yearly were heavily criticised for the way they treat their clients. We were humbled and of course proud to a see DJ unintentionally confirming our approach – personalised service deployed for the benefit of individual clients should be the core principle driving a lawyer.

• Thursday, the most exciting of the lot. A client with a complex multi-dimensional case involving a pensioner & his family.But the highlight was preparing for a hearing of our Application for permission to Appeal a cost judge’s decision.

• Friday – our application for permission to appeal granted on all aspects with some coded but strong words regarding the decision in question.

We take pride of our knowledge, approach, skills and competence. This was re-confirmed by yet another Judge, a Circuit Judge no less, for the second time in a week.

The message is we may be small but we provide highest quality services in all types of Personal Injury claims from Acecident at work, Road Traffic Accidents to Insurance Claims, Commercial Litigation, Employment Tribunal Claim, Immigration and general Civil Litigation

Have a wonderful week!

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