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Be Careful When You Walk Under a Scaffold

Not everything is what it appears to be.

JV is a local residence to Shoreditch and one day was coming out of his house walking past a scaffold erected by a well-known London company, when he was hit by a plank that fell off the scaffold and struck him on his head.  He was concussed and taken to a local hospital where he received treatment.

JV found us through the internet and his experience of my firm is found in the following video.

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All scaffolders are regulated and have to have a Health & Safety Policy and arrange scaffolding outside public and private buildings in a systematic and methodical way so that it is safe for not only for their employees who are using the scaffold, but members of the public who pass by.

As you know pure accident does not give rise to a claim for compensation.  An injured person has to establish that the wrong-doer was negligent and/or in breach of his statutory duty in causing the accident.  In this incident JV came to see us soon after the accident and the matter was put to the scaffolders, who then passed on our letter to claim from their insurance company, which to their credit accepted legal responsibility forthwith and offered our client a sum which he accepted in settlement of his claim without a medical report.

We were able to present the claim and settled JV’s file within a fairly short period.

Despite the ban on referral fees, there are still hundreds of claim farmers selling your details to solicitors, who buy the work because they have no direct instructions from members of the public.  JV was called by a number of claims farmers but he refused to deal with them.

This is an example of a local injured person using a local law firm and obtaining a swift payout for his claim.

If you are injured either in a public place, on the road or anywhere else in England and Wales, and you feel that the wrong-doer was responsible for the cause of the accident, then please give us a call.  Even if you have referred this matter elsewhere, particularly outside your locality, we would be happy to take-over the file as we often do so.

If you want to see for yourself what JV thinks of the service that we provided, we would invite you to view the above video. You can also find this and other video experiences on our video testimonials page.

If you have any questions in relation to any type of civil claims I would be happy to take your call with no obligation.  Please do not hesitate to contact me, Abdul Hafezi, on 0207 377 0600.

A A Hafezi

7 February 2014