13th February of our 13th Year

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Today we opened for business on the 13th February of our 13th year. Lets hope that it is as lucky and exciting month as was the 13th January of our 13th year.

January was one of our best month in our recent past. We settled difficult claims against two nationally known businesses and had a good win for a client (Mr.J) who had been rejected by two law firms before he found us. Mr.J came across extremely well in the witness box and his evidence was accepted by the Judge as opposed to that of his opponent.

We also opened our 1000 file in our 13th year. This may not seem a lot, but these are all from personal referrals and recommendations.

Last month we saw a client who presented her own case before a Tribunal only to regret not consulting a lawyer from the the onset. We also met Mr.P for two hours to review his file. His current solicitors are not prepared to act for him any more and he would like to use our services. We were delighted that Mr.P found us through the internet.

These cases, highlight the need to have on board a lawyer one commited to do all that is necessary to increase your chance before a court and the advantage of finding your own lawfirm.

If you are in a similar position to Messers J or P do call us on 0207 377 0600. we will see you at no costs to evaluate your claim and/or point you in the right directions.

abdul hafezi

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